It’s here, my new shiny motorbike

Ok, we are just back from holiday, and I get a phone call, literally an hour after we walk in the door, it’s Eddie saying my bike is ready to be collected. 

Oh the joy in my voice could have been felt on the moon. Only problem it was 5.00pm on a Tuesday and had no chance of getting to the dealer that night, let alone the next couple of days due to work requirements.

Anyway, I arranged for a pickup first thing this morning at 8.30. As you can imagine, I was like a kid at Christmas last night and could I sleep, NO… Well I departed home at 7.45 with the aim of getting to the garage at 8.30.. 

On arrival, there she was, all shiny and bright, and Eddie had a coffee in my hand before I had even sat down. The boring bit was completed, (the paperwork) then Eddie gave me a quick run round of the bike, advised that the tank was full, shook my hand and bid me safe riding and farewell.

Off I go, slowly does it, this one is more powerful than your last I say to myself. I was in normal riding mode and this baby went like a bat out of hell, well balanced and handled really well, took a bit to get use the quick shift, kept wanting to use the clutch, time I say, time and it will all fall in to place.

Anyway, that it’s for now, more to follow when I have had a few more rides on her.

Happy and safe riding 😄

Tallarn – Executioner by John French

 The Iron Warriors fell from the sky with weapons of destruction that would kill every single soul that walked Tallarns surface. A few remained in hiding in secure and airtight spaces to fight another day. As the battle tanks readied themselves for the battle of a life time and the survival of Tallarn; an enemy lurked within the ranks of the battle hardened troops.

As the battle progressed, imperial troops and space marines loyal to the emperor arrived in a hope to save a planet close to death and it appeared that they would be able to hold off and beat the Iron Wariors. With the additional loyal forces the Iron Warriors made planet fall with thousands more and a plan to use the enemy within.

Would salvation save Tallarn or would it be the end of another imperial world?

This short story is hard core imperial tank battling and is brilliant. It pits imperial tanks against the Iron Warriors, Titans, Shadow Swords and bigger. The thing is who will be the salvation and what will happen to Tallarn.

Goodbye Kefelonia


As we approach the end of our 14 day holiday in Kefelonia, I would like to thank everyone on this glorious island that has made us welcome. We have seen some of the island this time, (in fact quite a lot through a window of an excursion coach). We have relaxed (the overall intention), eaten traditional and drank island wines, probably in excess in some cases, but we can say we have enjoyed it.

I have said previously that the excursion is not normally for us, this can be hit and miss, we did have two fairly good ones and one not so good. If you are coming to Kefelonia, consider a hire car, the roads are quiet and very good, so it is reasonable to say you can do it your self, you will save a lot of time in coach pick ups, you will not be tied to the tour guides continuous talking (it can be painful) and you may gain a few extra hours in the sun by the pool or on the beach.

We have stayed in Katelios on the south of the island and there are plenty of restaurants and small bars to eat during the day and the evening. They all serve traditional Greek and Kefelonian food, but they do vary in presentation. So don’t stick to one, try some of the others.  We ate at the following on a number of occasions, Rosebud (resident hotel restaurant of Magnolia Resort Hotel ), just across the road is Persha’s Taverna, they do an excellent pork dish speciality.  Others include Jerrys Ellinenko standard food and English if you like that sort of thing. On the sea front of Katelios there is Maria’s, Captain Jerrys (excellent seafood), The Lighthouse, Madusas, and Cozy does an excellently warm Baklava and ice cream.

Even with the current monetary problems in Greece, travellers have not been affected, gift and food prices have been very reasonable, we did come across some retailers that preferred cash, but the majority still take cards and you can still draw up to €250 from a a cash point in the street without an issue.

We came to Katelios three years ago and it was surprisingly quiet, but this time it was definitely busier and the general consensus was that is was due to the current refugee crisis on the Turkish borders and eastern Greek Islands. We have been to the eastern islands in the past, but since discovering Kefelonia we have not been back, this island is wonderful, if I could I would love to stay.

Happy and glorious holiday…