It’s holiday time – day 2

8th September 2015: Great start to the holiday, woke at 3.30am with what I can only describe as a cactus stuck in my throat and I do believe the source of the ailment was my lovely daughter who had been poorly for a few days previous. Anyway, suite cases, check. Passports, check. Wife, check., all present and correct, first stop once we arrived in departures, Boots, check. Now duty free and the likes are one of my favourite areas in the airport and I am happy to mooch around, today, Norway on earth was I going to do that and my wife could see that as well. I just wanted my drugs, a comfortable seat and be on our way. 

5.45am we started to board the aircraft, I had managed to get a seat with additional leg room and that come in very handy once airborne. Stretched out and sleep.

Arrived at Kefalonia 20 minutes early, and it was 30 plus degrees, not really what I needed the way I felt; but that is why we went on holiday. Transfers took about 90 minutes and we arrived at “The Magnolia Resort” hotel. Having been three years previous, nothing had changed at all, same friendly welcome, recognisable faces and a quick and efficient service o get us to our rooms and settled in. 

At this point, due to the amount of drugs that had passed into my body, I was feeling a little better, so we went to the pool bar and had some lunch and a drink, (sparkling water for me, not ready for a beer yet). As we sat in the bar area and took in our surroundings, it felt like we had never left.  We have decided, as we are here for two weeks, to go on a few trips, so we attended the rep meeting, (don’t normally) lots to choose from, so will let you know how it goes.

Evening and the bar awaits, happy hour, not sure if sparkling water counts, anyway, it worked for my wife, two “Cosmopolitans” later. We finished drinks and stayed in the hotel for our evening meal as we were both tired and needed some rest. Dinner was very good, two salads, one Greek and the hotel special, then traditional Greek for main course, stifardo, a lamb and potato dish and of course moussaka. 

That’s the end of day two of our holiday, so have gone back to the room, drugged my self up with cold remedies and hopefully will have a good nights sleep.

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