It’s holiday time day 3/4

10th September 2015: not a lot has happened over the last two days, we have stayed at the hotel during the day and ventured out for a meal yesterday about 500 metres down the road, we both had Greek cuisine, My wife had a lamb dish with nutmeg and basil on rice and I had chicken levsol (I think) basically it was chicken cooked in an ouzo and orange sauce, served on rice with veggies. 

SI am starting to feel ok, the cold symptoms are starting to subside and I am feeling more human, I even managed some alcohol last night.. Couldn’t turn down a tequila sunrise. 

We were woken in the night by a rather large thunder and heavy lightning storm with very heavy rain, this continued on and off over night in to the morning until around 10.00am. Then the sky brightened and its 30 degrees again.  

We have booked our trips, so we are off to Argostoli tomorrow late afternoon in to the evening then next week we are doing some sea time on the east side of the island from south to north and the at some point next week we will be having day trip across the whole island seeing the caves, going to the top of the mountain and many other things apparently. 

Tonight we will probably venture in to Katelios village and find a quiet taverna. 

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