Horus Heresy – Vengeful Spirit

I honestly can’t remember the last time I picked up a GW / BL book let alone one of its magazines.  I used to be a subscription reader and kit maker, but like many others who fall in to the GW trap, I found myself spending far to much money and no where to put the completed kits. 

Anyway, I needed some books to read while on holiday, so I browsed the BL site and found that the ones I wanted are no longer there, they have moved on, I find that strange in the age of technology and ebooks. I was originally after Ciaphas Caine, but could not find it anywhere on the site, so having read the majority of the HH books, i looked for the ones that had recently been published, that was a task in its own right as they are republishing all the books from the early days of the HH story line , making it harder to find what is the most recent book in the series to be published.

So, I dug out my spreadsheet with the books I have read, to see were I was at and what I had missed I the last two years or so. (Yes I keep a list, I am glad I did, otherwise I would still base searching).

So here we come to the latest instalment that I had not read, Vengeful Spirit by Graham McNeill, as per usual the front of the book listed the “Dramatis Personae” and quite a few names popped up from previous books ad some going back quite a way. Especially the character of Garveil Loken a Lunar Wolf and selected as one of Horus Mourniville, who was eventually betrayed and left for dead in book three if I remember right.

I honestly had forgotten how good this series was, this story has strung together a band of brothers who have no legion now, selected by Malcador, Dorn and Leman Russ, to lay the path for the destruction of Horus Lupecal. The group of elite space marines are sent on a mission that they may not return from; the aim is to board the Vengeful Spirit and lay a path that Leman Russ, the Wolf King to exact his revenge on his traitor Brother Horus Lupercal. 

The foreground of this story, we find Horus looking for something that his father left on planet Molech many years before. The House Devine are the ruling dynasty and are corrupt as most from other Hersey books and play a part in the overall destruction of the planet and its inhabitants. (A prequel of the Devine dynasty is available apparently).  Horus knows that the site is of major importance, but why would his Father the Emperor leave the Blood Angels and the Ultramarines to defend such a minor planet in the system. The war wages and on the side lines a character named Alivia is introduced and she is of great importance the Emperor and the protection of the secret buried beneath Molech. (I won’t say any more that).

Elsewhere in the story we see Loken struggling to come to terms with boarding what was his home, before he was betrayed on Isstvan III and left for dead by the Sons of Horus and the Mourniville. His fellow marines have trust issues and wonder if Loken will be able to go through with the mission.

Horus finds his goal on Molech, but what is it and how will it further his desire for control and the death of his father. Will Loken bow to Horus once again when they meet face to face. That you will have to find out when you read the book.

Once again I am hooked, and when I think about it, Graham McNeill was the first writer I picked up when I started reading WH40K books.

Foot note: if anyone from BLACK LIBRARY #blacklibrary reads this, please bring back the old stories in ebook format, they will keep forever, and surely it’s cheaper than having them in print… 

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