It’s holiday time: day 5 – Argostoli, Kefelonia

11th September 2015: We took a late afternoon , early evening trip to Argostoli today for a touch of site seeing and a little shopping. Argostoli is the Capital of Kefelonia and has been the capital since the mid 1700’s, prior to that the capital was on top of a mountain in George Fort so they could see what hordes were invading them. The city was originally built in a Venetian style, but unfortunately had to be rebuilt following the earthquake in 1953.

The town runs three main streets in parallel from the harbour front, the first along the harbour is mainly banks, pharmacy, pastry shops, market and cafe, the second street starts with the main square moving into the pedestrian area for the gift shops and a multitude of other shops. The third street is the utilities type shops and businesses.

Although we were early, it’s was starting to buzz, the square is surrounded by restaurants, bars and tavernas and people were gathering in family groups and friends. The shops are plentiful and the prices were good. We only had a couple of hours, but I think a revisit is necessary to get the full atmosphere of the town in the evening.

We did eat, we decided to eat on the quay side opposite the Helenica Coast Guard Station at a Taverna call “Portside” we both had a garlic and tomato Penne, I had the addition of 4 massive prawns, and it was delicious. That was followed by a rather large chunk of Water Melon and coffee. 

This was an organised trip and I tip my hat to the coach drivers here, the roads are very narrow in a lot of places and the hills are very steep, they can turn those coaches on a sixpence and put them through gaps that I would think twice about in a car. We will fins out more about the coach driving when we get in to the  mountains next week.  

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