Kefelonia – Island discovery

17th September 2015: Not a couple to normally go on excursions organised by the travel company, we decided to try one and went on an island tour with other holiday makers. I will get this out of the way now, but I will never do it again, two and half hours of the trip was taken up by pickups and drop offs at the hotels. The remaining 6 hours was taken up by four 20 minutes visits to sites and coach travel around the island to see the sites.  

We stopped for an hour and a half for lunch, a 5 minute photo shoot of the most photographed beach in Europe. So the majority of the trip was spent in the coach sweating because the temp outside was 32c and the air on on the coach was not up to it. So never again, we will get a hire car and do our own thing.

Back to the sites we visit, although interesting and a played up to be bigger than what you actually saw, we went to the Dragonetti Cave and the underground lake at Melannisina. 

The cave was a massive cavern with stalagmites and stalactites, that was it, the lighting was bad and you did not get the true effect of the crystals and formations in the cavern, in fact it took about fifteen minutes to get in and back out again.

The lake was a dissappointment, although the water was crystal clear and very blue, the description given was that the light and the walls change colour from the natural light that shines in through the the massive hole in the roof. Not so I am afraid, the only thing that was true was the temperature and the mist over the water as you come out of the covered part in to the open area of the lake. Now the word Lake is deceptive, I would call it a pond more than a lake, it was about 100 metres long if that and 50 metres wide. 

I will say this, it was worth the visit to say we have seen some of Kefelonia.

We stopped in Ag Elfia for lunch, the tour operator has an agreement with one of the tavernas, we didn’t have to eat there, we could do what we wants for and hour and half, but we ate first and then strolled around the village, we had been here a few days before when we departed for the boat trip to Fiskardo. 

The rest of the trip was driving down the west coast seeing the sites from the mountain tops and twisting roads.  The roads are fantastic, I would love to ride them on my motorbike.

Overall we saw some of Kefelonia and took in some of the culture, would I do it again? No, next time it’s a hire car or motorbike so we can do it at our own pace. 

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