It’s here, my new shiny motorbike

Ok, we are just back from holiday, and I get a phone call, literally an hour after we walk in the door, it’s Eddie saying my bike is ready to be collected. 

Oh the joy in my voice could have been felt on the moon. Only problem it was 5.00pm on a Tuesday and had no chance of getting to the dealer that night, let alone the next couple of days due to work requirements.

Anyway, I arranged for a pickup first thing this morning at 8.30. As you can imagine, I was like a kid at Christmas last night and could I sleep, NO… Well I departed home at 7.45 with the aim of getting to the garage at 8.30.. 

On arrival, there she was, all shiny and bright, and Eddie had a coffee in my hand before I had even sat down. The boring bit was completed, (the paperwork) then Eddie gave me a quick run round of the bike, advised that the tank was full, shook my hand and bid me safe riding and farewell.

Off I go, slowly does it, this one is more powerful than your last I say to myself. I was in normal riding mode and this baby went like a bat out of hell, well balanced and handled really well, took a bit to get use the quick shift, kept wanting to use the clutch, time I say, time and it will all fall in to place.

Anyway, that it’s for now, more to follow when I have had a few more rides on her.

Happy and safe riding 😄

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