The importance of not being earnest

Sat chuckling to myself, seen it, done it and read the book, make it fun for the little ones as they grow up, they don’t all turn out bad, in fact they can make you quite proud…. 😄

Bringing the Lairies to life

My 6 year old’s favourite word is poo. Followed closely by wee, bum and fart.

Not only does she delight in weaving these words into every conversation, she also makes up songs containing those words, and those words only. She writes them in her handwriting practising notepad, she makes labels for her soft toys re-naming them Poo Poo the Tiger, Chocolate Bum the Puppy and the Wee Wee Bunny.

My kinder friends have discreetly removed sticky notes from the backside of my jeans, which declare to the world that mummy is a fart breath.

My first reaction to this fledging obsession was to crack down. “Please don’t be rude. Try and think about how it makes people feel when you say that they appear to have flatulence of the mouth.”

With a baffled frown she went back to watching How to Train a Dragon on her iPad, and it dawned…

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