It’s holiday time – Belek Turkey, Cornelia Diamond Resort – Day 1

As holidays go, today although enjoyable, has been very wet from the time we stepped out of the room after donning our sun cream, sun wear and floppy hats… that was about midday.

So the enjoyable parts have been getting up for breakfast, a good gym session and Mrs W having a Hammam Turkish spa.  In true tradition to our holidays the day after arrival was wet, but we have had a good look around to get out bearings, find the a’la Carte restaurants and multitude of bars. First impressions of the hotel, absolutely fantastic. Friendly atmosphere with a mix of quiet space and people space.  The food choice is really good and plentiful, but beware, green chillies look like green beans, to the surprise of my wife… taking in a full fork full on our first night after a few beers.. if your short sighted even a little bit, take your glasses with you.

So tonight its the bar, dinner and then on to the evenings entertainment.  Below are a few shots of the hotel and views

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