What’s in a photograph?

I was at the doctors this morning with my wife and while waiting I decided to browse through my thousands of stored photographs… I had forgotten what I had taken over the years since going digital. I literally have thousands of them, and probably 50% plus could be deleted for ever as they are not perfect. Digital and quick shot / sports mode is useful, but boy, does it waste your time when trying to deal with the images afterwards. I really should be looking at purging a lot of them this year so that I am only left with the good ones. Saying that, there’s probably a lot that could be useful with photo merges and messing around with the images.  

Excuse me, but I am getting away from the point of this post.  Anyway, as I was scrolling through the images, I came across one of the family, my two children when they were around 7 and 5 years old.. today it is still one of my favourites. So, what’s in a photograph that brings back memories. I remember the day well, a trip to Queen Victoria Country Park, a sunny day for a picnic, but we didn’t take a picnic, we stopped for fish and chips on the way and sat by the beach overlooking Southampton Water. The weather was beautifully warm and the children were enjoying themselves.  While they played, we sat and watched the fun, out came the camera and bang there it was… the photo says it all.

I look back on this knowing that my children enjoyed themselves… It brings back fond memories for me and makes me smile when I see photographs of their life.  It’s hard to believe they are nearly 22 and 20 now. Perhaps the next will be watching the Grand Children grow up? 

I hope this joyful photograph puts a smile on your face as it does mine. Happy memories readers.

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