Once upon time…

It’s 3.30am, I have been awake since 2.00am. What is the universe doing to me? I wake at 6.45am and I am in work normally just after 8.00am and home by 6.30pm… so that’s a 12 hour day just about.  Their again, if I look at my day, I don’t really do much exercise… desk bound, tend to eat my lunch at my desk and continue working just lately.  I have a gym membership, the gym is less than a 100 yards from the office, do I go, NO, not lately… Perhaps my problem is I don’t exercise enough, I take the stairs to the 3rd floor daily several times during the working week; other than that I am either sat on my motorbike, sat at my desk or on the couch at home… perhaps that why I don’t sleep… 

Current status:

  • Age: 58
  • Height: 5″ 9″ and a half (the half counts, I used to be 5′ 11″)
  • Weight: 14St 5lbs
  • Waist: 36″ (with over hang)
  • Chest: 44″ (Moobs)

So this is it, I am going to commit to do something about it, so I can have a healthy and happy retirement when I get there… let’s see if I can get an older version of this individual (me) from 1984…. whooaaa that’s 34 years ago

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