Mid life crisis or just enjoying life?

I am now in my 59th year on this planet, so far it’s been good to me. I had my ups and my downs, but hey life isn’t perfect. I have a wonderful wife and two wonderful children, that should have left home by now…. joking kids if you read this. Family life for everyone can be challenging, so we all have releases in life to get away from it all. I have always been fairly fit and healthy, this came from time in the Royal Navy, participating in sport , such as rugby, boxing, triathlon, squash etc.. along the way I several injuries that hospitalized me.  When I left the Royal Navy, I continued with the cycling aspect of triathlon for a number of years until I started getting bored with it. So at the age 47 I took up Windsurfing.  That lasted about 3 – 4 years until I had a thumble throwing a rugby ball around with my son.  Three months later I was sat in front of an orthopedic surgeon who advised me to give up impact sports if I didn’t want my knee replaced as early as 60…

I had to make a decision what do I do next… I gave up sport, had a desk job and put on weight because I was still eating the same as I was when I was training etc.  I have to say, I have started training again not on a regular basis, but enough to keep the weight stable… you may have read my previous blog, just to confirm I have started a regular exercise regime. 

So, what to do next? I purchased a motorbike, hadn’t been on one for years, so started all over again.. I purchased a little 125 to get my confidence back. (As a note in my early years, I only managed to get up to a 250, then they changed the law and I couldn’t get my test in because of Navy deployments, by the time I came back, I had to sell my bike and purchased 4 wheels instead). Anyway, I took my full license and purchased a Bandit 650.

At the time everyone was taking the piss, “oh mid life crisis kicking in then”, there may have been an element of it, but I always loved riding a bike, it’s the freedom, only you and the bike, nothing else. So I didn’t consider it, I just wanted my release, just me and my bike.  I have progressed since then, I have since had a Suzuki DL 1000 and currently own a BMW S1000 XR. 

So this is the question, is it mid life crisis or just enjoying life. I feel that it is just enjoying life, I am still young at heart, the company I work for probably has an average age of around. 26/27 so I am surrounded by youngsters, compared to me in my 59th year… 

Now make a decision,  I am about to upgrade my bike again, this is something that I have always wanted style wise, not necessary by manufacturer. The test ride was fantastic and I can share my passion with my wife comfortably. 

So I am going from this……

To this 🙂


So, mid life crisis or just enjoying life?

Answers on a postcard…. 

thanks you reading

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