Out with the nearly new and in with the new

I have dreamt about owning a cruiser style motorbike, Harley Davidson, Triumph etc. Then I saw a bike that took my breath away, it was big and beautiful all in chrome and paint. I had seen plenty of pictures, but never been up close and personal.  So a few months ago I had some holiday, a week at home for day tripping with my lovely wife. One of the days was a trip to Poole in Dorset with an alterior motive of visiting a certain motor cycle dealer.  Well the weather was absolutely diabolical, so we went directly to the garage to view this wonderful bike.

I was like a kid in a sweet shop, Scout, Chieftan, Dark Horse and Roadmaster.. sat on all except the Roadmaster. My aim was to have a bike that Sam could be comfortable on. She tried the Chieftan and loved it. Then Tom took us down stairs and showed us the Roadmaster, all Sam saw was the arm chair that would carry her around the roads of southern England and hopefully further a field.  We took all the details, I asked how much they would likely provide me in exchange for my S1000XR. Taking that in to consideration we went away to think about it.

The weather was not good for the next couple days, so when a break in the weather arrived, I booked a test ride of the Chieftan 2016. I rode the Beamer back to Poole to confirm the exchange price and went on the test ride. Not having ridden such a beast before, it took some getting used to, but I enjoyed every minute…

Before I said yes, I checked insurance quotes, the main stream insurance providers would not insure fully comprehensive nod the one that would wanted £7500 for the year. Shocked at this, I contacted the garage and asked whom most use? They put me on to Principle Insurance, who quoted me £585. With that in the bag I contacted the garage and ordered my next motorbike. 

I have now had the bike for 3 weeks, it’s due for its first service at 500 miles, a few trips have been made and they have been enjoyed greatly… 

My thanks go out to Tom and the garage crew at Moorespeed Racing, Poole for providing me with a fantastic bike and great service…

So out with the nearly new…..


And in with the new, happy days 

Indian Roadmaster 2017

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