Sixty Tea Rooms and Two Wheels

This year is my 60th birthday. It’s not until November, but my wife came up with an idea this morning! We both like a day out and a nice tea / coffee shop, so over the next 10 months we are going to attempt to fit in 60 tea / coffee shops before my birthday.The rules:

  1. Must be a tea / coffee / cafe type establishment
  2. Cannot go back to the a previously visited establishment
  3. Must be accessible on two wheels (motorbike)
  4. Cannot use a 4 wheeled vehicle
  5. Cannot walk to it…

So, between now and November, 60 establishments have to be visited, that’s 6 a month and taking in to consideration it’s going to be mainly weekends that we do this, we are looking at good weather because Sam does not like riding in the wet.The challenge is on and today we visited, drank and ate in two.

17/02/2018 – the plan was to ride through the New Forest to Exbury Gardens as the first stop; unfortunately we didn’t do our homework before leaving. It was closed on arrival.

Decision, what was an alternative? Four miles down the road was Lepe Beach, neither of us had ever been there before, so off we go. The Lepe Beach Cafe and Shop is a building site at the moment, but still functioning. It’s was good enough for a decent coffee and some rocky road chocolate cake. The views over the solent are fantastic, directly opposite Cowes on the Isle of Wight. The beach and the coastal walk look nice as well along past the old coast guard station. They are currently building a new visitors centre a little higher above the beach, as they have suffered with coastal flooding in the past. We will be going back when it’s finished… counts as it’s a different building..

From Lepe we went north to Brockenhurst then west through Sway towards Burley, heading for “The Old Station Tea Rooms” at Homesley. This had been recommended by a few friends and well recommended. We only had a light lunch, one savory tea and one cream tea (shared), but the food we saw coming out looked fantastic. The cakes looked really good as well. We will be going back at some point to try a full meal. But as an additional visit.

So, two establishments down, fifty eight to go.How can you help, if you know of any nice tea / coffee/ cafe establishments, as long as we can get to it in a couple of hours on two wheels, we are more than happy to try it. If you know somewhere, please comment and provide the details.. If you are out and about and you see us pull up, please come and say hello…

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