Sixty Team Rooms and Two Wheels – The Parade Tearooms

Sunday 22nd April 2018 – after a sunny and damp start to the weekend and a full service on the motorbike, Sunday turned out just right for a quick ride. We had heard that the management team of the 10th Hole in Southsea had taken up new residence on Western Parade in Southsea, namely “The Parade Tearooms” .

We had missed an early start to get there for breakfast, so decided to go about 10.30 and get to Southsea for about 11.00. Parking in Southsea is always difficult even for a motorbike, but luckily as we pulled in to Western Parade a fellow biker was already parked in a full car space and there was enough room for another bike. NB: parking is free for motorbikes.After locking up “my precious” and checking a number of times, we strolled across the common to the Tearooms. On arrival at the door, dare I say it, it was good to see a queue, nothing changed from the last place they managed. We only waited about five minutes before being shown to our table. The Tearooms are great improvement on the 10th Hole in decor and style, the building they are in has been converted and modernised, it is airy and light, tables are well spaced out and comfortable to sit at, they do have some tables and seats outside next to the road, not many, no one was seated there when we arrived, in general all seats are inside the building. Ordering is counter service and food from kitchen is brought to your table. Cakes etc, are ordered and taken from the counter. It should be said that when we arrived the queue at the counter wasn’t too bad.The menu has a vast selection of breakfast, brunch and lunch type food, plenty of cakes to choose from, in fact, may be a too many. IT WAS SO DIFFICULT TO CHOOSE… I like my coffee, that was the only bit I was disappointed with, it needed two shoots rather than one for the Americano, other than that this place a worth a visit if you are in Southsea. My wife was concerned that if we post this, more people would visit and increase our queue time when we go again… I don’t think we have to worry about that, its most likely that those who visit the 10th Hole in a previous life are now going to the Parade Tearooms and the word is spreading about this fantastic watering hole rapidly. 😄

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