Sixty Tearooms on Two Wheels – a little gem

I have now been working in Southampton for 7 years and I commute daily on my motorbike. Over the last few years I have had a regular habit of getting a bacon sandwich on a Friday to set me up for the weekend. Throughout Southampton there are many restaurants of differing cuisine. There are the usual chain of coffee shops and restaurants in the city centre, but if you go north of the city centre around Bedford Place and London Road there are a few more diverse restaurants and tea rooms, and this is about one.

As I ride to work and this is a tearoom by name, I really think it deserves a mention. This tearoom is a gem, its small, but big in stature, the service and food are fantastic, ranging from a little breakfast to a very big breakfast and all manor of different concoctions to suit everyone’s pallet. Then there are the lunches, once again extraordinary and of course the cakes.

In fact, come the weekend, this little gem usually has a queue outside for those seeking the perfect breakfast. I have seen the breakfast and its big. However, my tipple is their bacon sandwich, normally a triple decker on brown or white and filled with lovely back bacon. Three slices of bread are too much for me, so I only have two, but with the same amount of bacon.

The staff are friendly and polite, and I have been going there so long now, I don’t even have to order, they know what I want!

Where is the restaurant, I hear you say? Well, its snuggled between a Bengal Brasserie and a European cuisine restaurant (Enoteca) on Bedford Place, Southampton, and it’s called “Halladay’s Tearooms”.

If you are in Southampton, venture up to Bedford Place, you will not regret it.

Happy riding and enjoy the Tearooms 😊

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