About Me

What will I always remember? I spent 22 years in the Royal Navy, I can probably say that they were the best years of my life, I travelled, met people, I drank, I ate and I met my wife…

What do I do now? I work for a software company that provides an application for HR teams to manage and provide rewards and benefits for employees.  My responsibility with the team is to ensure our people understand Information Security, Data Protection and Privacy in the new world of UK and European data protection regulations.

What do I do in my spare time? I love reading sci-fi, fantasy, thriller and crime books as well as the odd Auto Biography and I don’t mean ODD. I enjoy big screen movies old and new and my wife reckons I can identify a movie name just by watching a clip of it.  I love days out with my wife, whether it is on the Motorbike or in the car.

Where I can, I love riding my motorbike and I currently own an Indian Roadmaster, my previous bikes have been a BMW S1000XR, Suzuki V-Strom DL 1000; Suzuki 650 Bandit, a Kymco 125, a Honda Super Dream Deluxe and a Honda XL 185 dirt bike and an NSU Quickly.

Why write a blog? Every now and then I / we do something that may be of interest, whether its a ride, a film, book, a day out or somewhere to eat. If it is I will probably write about it and you can find it here.

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