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Eye of Terra – Black Library various writers

A collection of short and novella type stories that captures other incidents and or enhances existing stories about legions, individuals and others either prior to the Hersey or during.  If you have read the Hersey series from the beginning and you have a strong memory, the stories will enhance your understanding further to why and what for!

Although I enjoyed the majority, some were not to my personal liking. That is my preference, but I am sure many other readers will feel the same. 

Moving to the Angles of Caliban next, I am looking forward to that, as they are one of my favourite Chapters… 


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I am Slaughter – Dan Abnett 

I just love Dan Abnett books, and this is no exception and it keeps you occupied through out. Sub defuse on Terra and an impending tradegy unfolding just 6 weeks warp travel from Terra itself.. could this be the last we see of the Imperial Fists as they depart Terra to help their brethren on a desolate planet perceived to be occupied by Chromes, or is it something greater… that’s all I am going to say, read the book, its Dan Abnett at his best….

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