Eye of Terra – Black Library various writers

A collection of short and novella type stories that captures other incidents and or enhances existing stories about legions, individuals and others either prior to the Hersey or during.  If you have read the Hersey series from the beginning and you have a strong memory, the stories will enhance your understanding further to why and what for!

Although I enjoyed the majority, some were not to my personal liking. That is my preference, but I am sure many other readers will feel the same. 

Moving to the Angles of Caliban next, I am looking forward to that, as they are one of my favourite Chapters… 


Back to Vue Studio 2015

It been about five years since I have touched a computer and played with E-Onsoftware Vue Studio. This has been mainly due to my 2009 MacBook Pro becoming slower and increasingly more frustrating, and the more Apple upgraded their OS the worse it got. Anyway, I have gone back to a Windows machine, running a I5 quad core, 16GB memory and a 4 GB Nvidea 960 and Windows 10.

Today I had a little play with the new beast, the last vue software I used was Vue 9, now I am using 2015, not much difference in the interface, but I am sure once I start digging, it’s going to be totally different. Anyway, my first picture using basic controls was a kind of revisit to flying, the last one was a pair of P40’s. This one is of one of the greatest icons of the WWII and still flying today. 

Hopefully the first of many and with increasing complexity…

Tallarn – Executioner by John French

 The Iron Warriors fell from the sky with weapons of destruction that would kill every single soul that walked Tallarns surface. A few remained in hiding in secure and airtight spaces to fight another day. As the battle tanks readied themselves for the battle of a life time and the survival of Tallarn; an enemy lurked within the ranks of the battle hardened troops.

As the battle progressed, imperial troops and space marines loyal to the emperor arrived in a hope to save a planet close to death and it appeared that they would be able to hold off and beat the Iron Wariors. With the additional loyal forces the Iron Warriors made planet fall with thousands more and a plan to use the enemy within.

Would salvation save Tallarn or would it be the end of another imperial world?

This short story is hard core imperial tank battling and is brilliant. It pits imperial tanks against the Iron Warriors, Titans, Shadow Swords and bigger. The thing is who will be the salvation and what will happen to Tallarn.