Sixty Tearooms and Two Wheels – Twyfords

First, this does not count towards the challenge, but deservedly needs a mention. Twyfords tea and coffee shop can be found in Beccles, Suffolk. Every time we are up here, it gets a visit.

Located just off the centre of town, it’s easy to get to.. it has seating both inside and a nice outside garden / patio area at the back.

The food is fantastic, the staff are friendly and there is an abundance of different coffees, teas and chocolate.

That’s all I am going to say, if you are in Beccles or near by, take a visit, you won’t regret it.

Sixty Tearooms and Two Wheels – Stansted Park Farm Shop

Another glorious day for a bike ride, but just a 30 mile round trip this time. We ventured off to Standsted Park, just the other side of Havant. We have been before but not on two wheels and I haven’t written about it.

On arrival the access had changed and their are more buildings around the garden centre, and the one thing I forgot was “gravel” yes the car park is gravel and this makes me wary when I am riding a bike that is just under 1000lbs in weight without the rider and pillion. It didn’t help that a lot of building works are in place so potholes etc are also present.. However, as you get to the entrance there is a nice new pavement, not sure if its there for bikes, but it suited our needs; so we parked up and walked though to the refreshment area.

Now, not having been for a long time, there is an additional tearoom in the new Stansted Park Farm Shop that is a Kitchen, Deli and Butcher. Everything served is local produce, cakes are home made and the meat etc. is from the local farm.

all sandwiches were freshly made and reasonable price, we had two coffees, a BLT and brownie, it came in under £10 and were very nice.

An alternative to the farm shop is the main pavilion tea rooms in the same grounds, a very popular site and always busy. We have eaten there before, but in this particular challenge is does not count until we arrive on two wheels and use it, that will need to be a quieter time if we want a seat.

Full details of Standsted House and park can be found hereand the images below link through to the pavilion and farm shop tearooms

Happy riding people 😉

Sixty Tea Rooms and Two Wheels – Breezes

Here we are second weekend of the challenge, and unfortunately we haven’t made it out on the bike in this glorious but cold weather. Following last weekends adventure I have come down with a cold and chesty cough. Consequently didn’t feel that it would be safe riding with my wife on the back of the bike.

However, couldn’t let this one pass by, as its one of our favourite establishments for tea, coffee, cake, and even breakfast. This one does not count in our challenge, mainly because its within walking distance. I give you Breezes Cafe in Hill Head.


A welcoming and friendly cafe, that is also dog friendly and provides excellent choice of food and drink. I would honestly say that they do the best breakfast I have had out.  They also have a great choice of cake to go with your tea of coffee.

Located in Hill Head its a nice stop off point if you are walking the sea front, you also have the local pub, The Osborne View opposite with views over the Solent and Isle of Wight.

I am not going to say anything else, you have to try it to understand, but if you like breakfast, go for the Kite Surfers, with an extra of black pudding