Sixty Tea Rooms and Two Wheels – Cornwall Day One

A recent short break took us to the West Country of the UK and glorious Cornwall. We stayed with a friend (fellow rider) who lives in North Cornwall close to the Devon boarder. As this trip was taken over three days, I will be writing this in three parts, so please keep an eye out for the remaining trip and the sites we saw while in Cornwall.

Lets Go

So here we are ready to go, our route took us along the south coast from Hampshire for a first stop just out side Ringwood for a coffee. We had only been on the bike 45 minutes, but needs must and all that.  I heard a little voice in the intercom and she who speaks must be obeyed.  Following decent coffee break, we proceeded towards West Bay in Dorset for a spot of lunch.  I had heard that the Station Kitchen near the main carpark was good for cream teas, so that was the first on the list for the trip.

On arrival at West Bay we parked up directly opposite the restaurant. As you can imagine by the name “Station Kitchen” it was the old West Bay railway station with a carriage as well.  Both the station and the carriage were dining areas and very well laid out. The weather was hot, and we needed some shade, so we opted to eat in the carriage. Although nice, it was a little warm even with the doors open, unfortunately there was no breeze, but the surroundings were fantastic and quirky.  Although we were looking for a cream tea initially, we looked at the menu and decided to have something from the main menu. While the food was prepared we were offered fresh bread and an olive oil and balsamic dip. The bread was fresh and two different types and delicious.


The food took about 20 minutes, but we were in no hurry, just thankful for a little shade. We both had a freshly made flatbread one with local crab and the other with goats’ cheese and both drizzled with olive oil. once again delicious. I have since found out that the restaurant is one of the best in West Bay, I am amazed we manged to get a seat. The staff and service were friendly and attentive, and I would highly recommend them. We will be going back to try something else when we go out for a Sunday ride.

From West Bay we proceeded west along the coast road through Lyme Regis towards Exeter. We briefly hit the M5 and then turned on to the A30 towards Okehampton and Launceston. We needed a break, so we stopped at a service station just off the A30 called the Hog and Hedge at Whiddon Down. For a service station it was surprising comfortable and clean, and the food served was good. Having stopped for 30 minutes we made a way to our destination, arriving at around 5.30.

We had left at around 10.30 and mainly followed the coast road, making it a pleasant and scenic journey.


What makes a hotel room?

Not having stayed in a full blown 5* resort before, we were surprised at the luxuriousness of our hotel room… Its more like a stateroom compared to some of the hotels we have stayed over the years..  First impression, absolutely marvellous, Mrs W was even more excited than I was when she found the number of toiletries provided in the bathroom.

The bathroom alone was a third of the size of the whole room, walk in shower, full size bath, and to top it all, slippers and gowns… to date I have only used my tooth paste, all other toiletries provided by the Cornelia Diamond. 

The bedroom area and balcony are fantastic, the size is enormous with queen sized bed, a couch small table and chairs.  The balcony is big enough to have a party on and the view is fantastic, you are not really over looked, unless you are using binoculars, due to the shape of the hotel, but effectively everyone gets a sea view.  

We can honestly say that the room we have been provided with greatly meets all expectations of a 5* resort, along with everything the resort has provided to date. This will be a holiday to remember… 😄 
Ps. They turn down the bed at night and provide you with chocolate 😃

It’s holiday time: day 5 – Argostoli, Kefelonia

11th September 2015: We took a late afternoon , early evening trip to Argostoli today for a touch of site seeing and a little shopping. Argostoli is the Capital of Kefelonia and has been the capital since the mid 1700’s, prior to that the capital was on top of a mountain in George Fort so they could see what hordes were invading them. The city was originally built in a Venetian style, but unfortunately had to be rebuilt following the earthquake in 1953.

The town runs three main streets in parallel from the harbour front, the first along the harbour is mainly banks, pharmacy, pastry shops, market and cafe, the second street starts with the main square moving into the pedestrian area for the gift shops and a multitude of other shops. The third street is the utilities type shops and businesses.

Although we were early, it’s was starting to buzz, the square is surrounded by restaurants, bars and tavernas and people were gathering in family groups and friends. The shops are plentiful and the prices were good. We only had a couple of hours, but I think a revisit is necessary to get the full atmosphere of the town in the evening.

We did eat, we decided to eat on the quay side opposite the Helenica Coast Guard Station at a Taverna call “Portside” we both had a garlic and tomato Penne, I had the addition of 4 massive prawns, and it was delicious. That was followed by a rather large chunk of Water Melon and coffee. 

This was an organised trip and I tip my hat to the coach drivers here, the roads are very narrow in a lot of places and the hills are very steep, they can turn those coaches on a sixpence and put them through gaps that I would think twice about in a car. We will fins out more about the coach driving when we get in to the  mountains next week.