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Summer holidays – Turkey

This year we are back in Belek, Turkey. It has come to the end of the first week and I haven’t written anything. So, what’s happened so far?

We are staying at the Paloma Grida Spa and Resort, a listed 5* resort with Thomas Cook. The hotel and grounds are well kept, the food is ok and the staff are friendly. However, trying to get in one of the Ala Carte restaurants is a feat of its own… so best option is to go to guest services and book with a human, not a machine…

When we arrived, our room was directly above Main Street (picture) on the top floor. Unbeknown to us, the bar directly below had live music at night, not good if you like an early night now and then. Consequently we asked to be moved. I take my hat of to the hotel, they moved us the next day without any issues and upgraded us.

The hotel has large grounds and two main pools, one with music and one without… there are also a few kids pools with slides and other play things. Plenty of sun beds and beach beds and shade available.

Ok, now we come to a minor or maybe major issue for adults without children. It says it’s a family friendly resort, it definitely is! There is only one area within the hotel that is child free… is called 18+ and it’s in the bottom corner by the beach… unfortunately it’s next door to the neighbouring hotel kids entertainment area. So you are drinking your cocktail as the sun goes down to tunes such as “the wheels on the bus go round and round” in Turkish and what ever other language you can think of.

So far, I believe there are more children under five than adults…

Dining can be hazardous in the main restaurant, hot food and liquids being carried around and you are playing dodgems with rug rats, parents just let them run around the restaurant. If one starts crying, it kind of sends a unanimous signal out to the rest of them to join in. I don’t think we have had a meal yet that we were able to have a peaceful conversation…

Even lunch times can be hectic, it really is difficult to find a quiet corner in the hotel without a child crying in your ear..

Tomorrow we are day tripping, off to Side and the market for the day with Thomas Cook.

I will keep you posted peps….


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Turkey – week one

On Saturday we ventured in to Belek, the all day market. Not knowing what to expect, we were dropped by taxi at the main square (round) and started walking.  Basically the market took at a number of streets and was fully covered.. I was hoping to find local produce as well as tourist trap goods, but unfortunately not.  There was a few spice, Halva and Baclava sellers and the smells were fantastic, but in general I was disappointed, everything else was brand name fake goods, such as Rolex, Omega, DC, Chanel etc…

To be honest if you want to see the real Turkey you have to go north, the Gulf of Antalya is a tourist destination, nice but not the real Turkey.  Our little folly in to Belek was to get pressies really, away from the hotel shops (expensive, lavish and aimed at a certain countries citizens, definitely not English). 

Some say why choose Turkey then, if you don’t want to see the country, my answer to that is. ‘I needed a holiday to relax and recharge, this location provides the weather, the hotels and the luxuries to do just that’.  Just put your feet up, watch the world go by.  Basically, eat, drink, worship the sun, drink and eat some more,  sleep and repeat.

We have discussed while resting a short break to Istanbul at some point, but that will be next year… If you want sun and relaxation to the enth degree, Turkey’s south coast is great… 

Happy holidays in 🇹🇷


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