Sixty Tea Rooms and Two Wheels – Cornwall Day 2

We woke up to another beautiful day, the sun was shining, and the sky was clear, an excellent day for riding. Plans for the day was to ride down to south Cornwall and visit the Lost Gardens and then on into Mevagissey, memories of past times as a child. We decided to take the long route, by going west first to the A39 then south west back down to the A30 across to St Dennis, then St Austell and then down to The Lost Gardens of Heligan. The ride was good, lots of scenery, wind farms, coastal views, through small valleys and over hills.

On arrival at the lost gardens, the motorcycle bay was taken up by cars, so we had to find another parking area. By the time we arrived it was lunch time, all we could smell was good old Cornish Pasties. So, two steak and one cheese with tea and coffee was ordered. The gardens have a great selection of food outlets in and outside the gardens, quick snack to restaurant food and all reasonably priced. The gardens are on a hill, so be prepared to walk some very step paths (alternatives routes available). There is plenty to see and do for all the family, so children would have just a good time as the adults. The gardens consist of many plant forms from natural habitat to tropical plants and trees. The trails have various sculptures made from mud, rocks, plants and metal. There are various view points around the gardens that provide good panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and views of the sea.  As you walk around the gardens there are various refreshment points including BBQ, ice cream, drinks and a tea shop.  Having stopped ice cream (a must have) we made our way back to the bike ready for the next part of the trip.

We proceeded from the Lost Gardens to Mevagissey, a small fishing port that has lots of memories as we used to holiday just up the road at Pentewan Sands. We parked up on the outskirts and walked down in to town. Lots of little quirky shops and was surprised to see shops such a Fatface and other similar brands. Anyway, time to find a tea shop for the lucrative cream tea and making sure you get it right with the cream and the jam, especially while in Cornwall.  (Cream first with Jam on top). We arrived at the Harbour front, a quick look and saw a tea shop and head for it. We were lucky really, we arrived about 45 minutes before they were about to close. The tea shop we visit was “Tea on the Quay”, cream teas ordered with Earl Grey and we were in out element. Both plain and fruit scones order and the size of a fist, pure indulgence, but delicious… if you are in Mevagissey, try it out, there are others, but as usual spoilt for choice.


We left Mevagissey and rode towards St Austell, Bodmin then back on the A30 towards Launceston for an even BBQ at our friends, relaxing ready for the next day.


Sixty tea rooms and two wheels – The Malet Arms

OK, I know what you are thinking! “The Malet Arms” yes its a hostelry of the alcoholic kind and not a tearoom. With such wonderful weather we decided to have a beer and some lunch as an alternative. How did this come about? Well friends of ours have just packed up the two life and decided to move out in to the country. So today we thought we would going an be nosey and have a peek at this county life thing…

I (we) have never really ridden around the Wiltshire country side, so we thought it would be a good idea to day.  The problem with country side and an American made motorcycle, the built in Satnav will not find the small villages. had to rely on visual and a finger in the wind to get there. Consequently, we saw a lot of Wiltshire, but what lovely roads to ride, and little traffic.

The Malet Arms is a small public house in Newton Toney, and I mean small.. its what a village pub should be like. good beer and home grown food.






The menu was just right, enough to chose a decent lunch and a good selection of beers.  We had traditional scampi and smoked haddock fishcakes.  We were only looking for a sandwich initially, but unfortunately they do not have them on the menu. Anyway, to food selected was hot and very tasty, so no doubt we will be going back.

Overall the day was good, we have now seen our friends new home and met some locals in the pub, tried the food and drank a decent beer (NB: within the legal limits of riding).

I think pubs may be added to our tour on two wheels… but we will still endeavour to get the tearooms in.








Tomorrow we are heading for Sussex to see what we can find, probably a tea room tomorrow and maybe a pub later. Safe riding peps 🙂

Out with the nearly new and in with the new

I have dreamt about owning a cruiser style motorbike, Harley Davidson, Triumph etc. Then I saw a bike that took my breath away, it was big and beautiful all in chrome and paint. I had seen plenty of pictures, but never been up close and personal.  So a few months ago I had some holiday, a week at home for day tripping with my lovely wife. One of the days was a trip to Poole in Dorset with an alterior motive of visiting a certain motor cycle dealer.  Well the weather was absolutely diabolical, so we went directly to the garage to view this wonderful bike.

I was like a kid in a sweet shop, Scout, Chieftan, Dark Horse and Roadmaster.. sat on all except the Roadmaster. My aim was to have a bike that Sam could be comfortable on. She tried the Chieftan and loved it. Then Tom took us down stairs and showed us the Roadmaster, all Sam saw was the arm chair that would carry her around the roads of southern England and hopefully further a field.  We took all the details, I asked how much they would likely provide me in exchange for my S1000XR. Taking that in to consideration we went away to think about it.

The weather was not good for the next couple days, so when a break in the weather arrived, I booked a test ride of the Chieftan 2016. I rode the Beamer back to Poole to confirm the exchange price and went on the test ride. Not having ridden such a beast before, it took some getting used to, but I enjoyed every minute…

Before I said yes, I checked insurance quotes, the main stream insurance providers would not insure fully comprehensive nod the one that would wanted £7500 for the year. Shocked at this, I contacted the garage and asked whom most use? They put me on to Principle Insurance, who quoted me £585. With that in the bag I contacted the garage and ordered my next motorbike. 

I have now had the bike for 3 weeks, it’s due for its first service at 500 miles, a few trips have been made and they have been enjoyed greatly… 

My thanks go out to Tom and the garage crew at Moorespeed Racing, Poole for providing me with a fantastic bike and great service…

So out with the nearly new…..


And in with the new, happy days 

Indian Roadmaster 2017