They are back and still going (Microsoft Scam)

This is just a quick note; recently we received a call at home from an Indian call centre suggesting that they were from Microsoft Support. They advised that they had received reports that our windows computer was sending error messages to them and they would like to help fix it.

This scam has been around since probably 2008 and I am surprised that it is still going. They offer to fix the issue on your machine, but they also tell you that your license has expired and you can renew for life at a price! They will then pass you over to a technician who will help you through the process.

They get you to download team viewer initially to gain access to your computer. You are then prompted to go to PayPal to pay for the service. While this is happening your friendly technician will probably be looking around your PC.

If you decide to pull out and not pay, the friendly technician will then start causing havoc on your machine, remember you have given him access; he WILL start deleting all your files and effectively destroying all your data.

Please be aware of this, tell your friends and family so they are not victim to this scam

The Ironic note on this post, we don’t have a windows PC in our House.

Happy Computing 🙂